Launching Publishing Institute has been a dream come true for me. I was first published in the 1990s with a conventional book publisher. I also ghost-wrote for other book authors, again in the mainstream book publishing sphere, but I really wanted to learn more about publishing my own book. It wasn’t until more recently that self publishing a book using print on demand resources became a tangible business opportunity. Creating a professional-quality book that was self published was formerly derided as being ‘vanity publishing’, and such books did not win awards or make best-selling lists.

When I published my first print on demand book, I found that no-one wanted to share their secrets on how to publish a book – so the process took me a while. But self publishing a book is simply a series of repeatable, learned steps. It took me a couple of years to fully learn about all of the stages, making and learning from my mistakes along the way, because some of the stages are inter-linked, and you can’t do one, until the preceding step has been made! A simple example is working out your recommended retail price before you register the book’s ISBN number.

But having successfully learned how to get a book published, and having produced my own books, both fiction and non fiction, and also having set up my own Publishing Company, I set up Publishing Institute, a comprehensive online course, to share my knowledge and help would-be book authors to self publish a book and take it to market.

I hope you enjoy the process!