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How to publish a book

Do you want to learn the proven, repeatable stages of publishing your own book? Are you struggling to find professional resources that teach you how to self publish? Are you ready to undertake a proven, repeatable course that will successfully take your book to market? Publishing Institute will share with you the steps to follow, in order to successfully self publish a professional-quality book, from children’s picture books to high-volume fiction.

Publishing Institute was set up by book publisher Kathy Carter, who spent eighteen months researching her first print on demand book, because resources like this were not available. “It was like a closed group, and no-one wanted to share their secrets on how to publish a book,” Kathy explains. “Having successfully learned how to get books published, from concept, planning, design and pre-production, through to formatting, book printing, book production, e-books and marketing, I have the resources to share with you on how to self publish a book. If you have been researching book publishers, book publishing companies, self publishing companies and print on demand suppliers, then you will have discovered that gaining access into this exciting world can seem like a corridor of closed doors. But self publishing a book is simply a series of repeatable, learned steps. Publishing your own book is actually a proven business model with a series of progressions, and I can show these to you within the Publishing Institute online course.”

Self publishing is a business model, and if you have a good product or commodity, which is your book, then we can show you how to get a book published, side stepping the publishing houses and working with the best self publishing companies in the industry to get your own book published.

Our course is broken down into the following four stages:

  • Book concepts, flat-planning and market strategising for self published authors
  • On demand publishing – stage one preparations, logistics and technicalities
  • Getting a book published – stage two logistics: layout, cover and interior pages, formatting – (includes e-books)
  • How to self publish – taking your book to market

With easy to follow video content, Publishing Institute will guide you through the business model of publishing your own book. Sign up today and let us help you on this exciting and rewarding literary journey.